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Next Generation Manufacturing Library

If you would like to contribute content to the NGM Library, contact The MPI Group by email or call us at +1 216.991.8390. Upon review, we are willing to post content that supports the NGM Assessment Tool mission to help manufacturers improve or sustain growth and prosperity into the future in any of the six NGM strategies, including:

  • Customer-focused innovation
  • Human-capital management
  • Superior process improvement
  • Supply-chain management
  • Sustainability
  • Global engagement

White Papers

Information Builders: Improving Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing

Learn how providing self-service access to manufacturing information dramatically enhances operational efficiency by improving communication and increasing productivity on key activities across the supply chain. Download Improving Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing from Information Builders.


Next Generation Manufacturing Executive Summaries

The Next Generation Manufacturing (NGM) Study identifies performances and practices in place to determine how much progress U.S. manufacturers have made in implementing Next Generation strategies and their progress toward achieving world-class status in the 21st century. The executive summaries of the findings from the last three studies are now available:


The Six NGM Strategies for Next Generation Success

MPI CEO John R. Brandt has been on the global lecture circuit for 15 years, inspiring audiences around the world on a variety of topics with a common theme: Performance — individual and corporate — can dramatically improve based on a few simple principles available to anyone. In this video, John Brandt discussing the six strategies for Next Generation success.

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