Welcome to the 2014 Salon Better Business Survey

Please provide a response to each question based on a single salon (not merely a single chair or booth). Answer for a location that you own or manage or encourage the salon owner or manager to complete and return the questionnaire. If you do not know the answer to a question or if a question does not apply or is unclear, simply leave that answer blank.
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DEADLINE:  May 2, 2014

1. Please identify your salon as one of the following (check one)
Single salon
One salon location in an independent chain number of total locations in independent chain
One salon location in a franchised chain number of total locations in franchised chain
2. Where is the salon located? (provide 5-digit zip code)   
3. How many years has this salon been in operation?   years
4. What percentage of your floor space is dedicated to the following?
a. Hair %
b. Spa (Skincare/Bodycare) %
c. Nails %
d. Retail %
e. Other (offices, restrooms, storage, etc.) %
Total = 100%
5. How many chairs are at this salon?
a. Staffed chairs chairs
b. Leased chairs chairs
c. Total chairs (combine above)  chairs
6. What were the approximate annual sales of this salon in 2013?
a. Salon services (sum of 1-7 immediately below)    $
       1) Cut $
       2) Color $
       3) Style/Blowouts $
       4) Makeup $
       5) Skincare $
       6) Bodycare $
       7) Other service sales     $
b. Retail $
c. Other $
d. Total sales $
7. What was your sales growth from 2012 to 2013? (check one)
  Decreased No change Increased
a. Salon services   
       1) Cut
       2) Color
       3) Style/Blowouts
       4) Makeup
       5) Skincare
       6) Bodycare
       7) Other service sales    
b. Retail sales
c. Other sales not listed
d. Total sales
8. What was the salon's net profit margin in most recent fiscal year (net profit ÷ net revenue)?
(If applicable indicate a net loss with a minus symbol: e.q. -6) %
9. Which of the following specific services are performed at your salon? (check all that apply)
Cutting Styling Haircolor Permanent wave
Hair retexturizing Braids/wigs/hair extensions Blowouts Thinning hair services
Relaxing Conditioning Makeup Skincare
Bodycare Nailcare Retail product sales      
10. Are you the owner or manager of the salon? (check one)     Yes No
11. Please indicate the number of salon-paid personnel:
a. Full-time employees and equivalents (income-producing)
b. Full-time employees and equivalents (support staff)
c. Total employees
12. What is the approximate average years of employment for staff at your salon?   years
13. What was the stylist turnover in the recent year as percentage of total stylists?   %
14. What are the average annual hours of formal training received by each employee? (check one)
Less than 8 hours 8 - 20 hours 21 - 40 hours More than 40 hours
15. What was the annual expenditure for training at this salon in 2013?   $
16. What are total annual wages as a percentage of sales?   %
17. What are the approximate hourly wages for staff (excluding tips)?
a. Stylist $
b. Colorist $
c. Nail technician $
d. Manager $
e. Esthetician $
f.  Massage therapist                $
g. Retail associate $
h. Administrator $
18. What percentage of staff works on a commission basis? (percentage of paid staff) %
19. What is the average commission paid at this salon? (percentage of service fee) %
20. What are the variables in the commission structure? (check all that apply)
Salon specialty Years of service at the salon Level of salon training
Expertise Other variable(s) No commission variability
21. Do you have a career mapping plan for each employee? (check one)     Yes No
22. Do you have a formal review process for employees? (check one)     Yes No
23. Which of the following best describes your formal, documented business plan? (check one)
No formal, documented plan Plan looks 1 year ahead Plan looks 2-3 years ahead
Plan looks 4-5 years ahead Plan looks more than 5 years ahead  
24. Do you have a formal budget established for 2014? (check one)     Yes No
25. Do you have a formal client workflow manual for your staff? (check one)     Yes No
26. What percentage of your customers are? (total should = 100%)
            Women %       Men %       Total = 0%
27. On a weekly basis, what percentage of your customers are? (total should = 100%)
           Repeats %       New %       Total = 0%

28. Please indicate your approximate measures for your salon for the following:

a. Total unique clients per year (individual persons)  
b. Customer retention rate (% retained from previous year)    %
c. Referral customers (as a % of all customers)   %
d. Scheduled appointments (as a % of all customer visits)    %
e. Customer complaints (as a % of all customer visits)   %
f. Rebooking percentage (% of clients rebooked on exit)    %
g. Number of clients per stylist (average)   per day
h. Number of services performed per stylist   per day
i. Time spent with client (average)   minutes per client  
j. Average dollar amount spent per visit services $
k. Average dollar amount spent per visit retail $
29. How do you primarily track customer appointments? (check one)
Manually Salon software Online/Internet Mix of manually/software/online No tracking
30. What is the average price charged for each treatment/service below?
a. Men's cut and blow-dry $
b. Women's cut and blow-dry $
c. Haircolor highlights $
d. Haircolor single process $
e. Hair straightening/relaxing $
f. Hair extensions/weaves $
g. Perm $
h. Facial $
i. Manicure/pedicure $
j. Massage $

31. Do you have a documented marketing and advertising plan? (check one)    Yes No
32. Do you have a client-retention/loyalty program? (check one)    Yes No
33. Other than scheduling or confirming appointments, how often does the salon communicate with customers using the following methods?
a. Phone times per year
b. Email times per year
c. Postcard/Mail times per year
b. Text messaging times per year
34. How does the salon store customer information? (check one)
Manually  Computer-based No storage of customer information
35. What is your primary method for conducting customer satisfaction surveys? (check one)
In-salon survey  Mailed survey Online survey Phone survey No survey
36. What is your marketing budget as a percentage of total sales?    %
37. What percentage of your marketing budget is directed at new customer attraction vs. customer retention?
38. What percentage of your marketing budget is directed to building and managing your website?
39. Approximately how many hours per week are invested in social media communications?
a. Your time hours
b. Staff time hours
c. Outside service time hours
40. Have you implemented any of the following profit-generating programs in the past year? (check all that apply)
Client retention/rebooking programs New client referrals programs Retailing/Staff incentive programs
Client care programs Marketing programs Customer events
Groupon/group discount buy None of these  
41. What products do you sell? (check all that apply)
Shampoo/conditioners Styling products Nail supplies/products Bath and body care
Skincare supplies/products Cosmetics Fragrances Hair accessories
Jewelry Clothing Books Appliances and styling tools
Other None of these    
42. What percentage of salon purchases are made via the following?
a. Manufacturer Direct %
b. Manufacturer Reps %
c. Distributor Stores %
d. Distributor Sales Consultants %
e. Online %
f. Tradeshows %
Total should = 100%  0%
43. Which of the following technologies are in use at the salon? (check all that apply)
Salon-management software Salon website Styling visualization software
Online/web access for training In-salon tablets Email communications
Customer relationship management (CRM) Social networking/Facebook In-salon custom TV programming
Other information technologies Online booking Text messaging
None of these    
44. In 2013, approximately how much did the salon invest in technology purchases, upgrades, and maintenance as a percentage of salon revenue?    %
45. Do you participate in manufacturer-loyalty programs? (check one)    Yes No Considering

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